Zebra Crossing

We’re a team of behavioural strategists, linguists and data scientists, passionate about getting under the skin of what real people think and feel, by combining cutting edge technology and data science techniques with human intelligence and translation. 


Our unique 'Qualitative Insight at Quantitative Scale' methodology, allows us to unearth genuine nuance and emotion, as well as underlying drivers, trends and barriers behind consumer mindsets and behaviour. At Human Theory, we create change founded on real, robust, and emotional insight - and empower our partners to put it at the centre of decision making.

We also believe that one-size-fits all, off-the -shelf solutions and tools are the enemy of nuance, and don't allow the surfacing of specific and meaningful insights. To combat this, we create specialist, bespoke solutions and data sets for every client we work with, specific to their needs, to uncover what's important to them, and the issues they face. 

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Casey Wright:

Insights & Strategy Manager

An original South East Londoner, curious about humans and Booker Prize winning fiction. Also partial to hoop earrings.

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Daniel Johnson:


Spots patterns in data and asks why, and ‘so what?’. Songwriter and music producer in his spare time. Whilst he finds consumer behaviour exciting, he hasn’t written a song about it yet.

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Isobel McFarland:

Junior Data Analyst

Northerner at heart. Either found working on her social enterprise, Neighbourhood Cares, or scoping out the best new places to eat in London. Often by bike.

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Andrew Webber:


Full time founder and part time author, Andrew spends his free time buying web domains he'll never use and listening to 90's grunge.

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Rachel Hutcheson:


'Insanity'-loving Scottish lassie, passionate about all things people, dogs and art, with a penchant for a wee tipple or two.

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Daniel Payne:

Lead Data Scientist

Very curious Data Scientist and big kid at heart. Loves Spurs, his radio controlled car and embarrassing his nieces and nephews.

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