The Challenge

Bupa wanted to tackle a vital yet largely taboo issue  across UK society - menopause and the workplace. In order to create the right policies, propositions and communications, Bupa needed to know how women were experiencing the menopause and its impact within the workplace., to ensure they were empathetic and supportive to a largely ignored audience.

The Solution

We analysed over 30,000 online conversations - across forums, comment sections, message boards and social media, combined with in-depth interviews - to understand both the employee and the employer in regards to menopause in the workplace. We uncovered the nuances of employee symptoms and their impact on daily life and working life, as well as the current access to information and support, needs, drivers and barriers to living a better life at work and at home. We also delved into the leading attitudes towards female health and menopause support amongst employers right now, and found a mixed response of willingness to create the right kind of support and policy. 

Using our findings, we were able to make effective and powerful recommendations for content development and policy creation, which Bupa used to implement across various channels and departments. 

The Impact

Using our insight-driven recommendations and  strategies, Bupa has created a menopause content hub on their website, empowering menopausal women (specifically in the workplace), and informing current employers on how better to support female members of staff, as well as framing the first of its kind private medical insurance policy.

Always-on Insight Tracking

Bupa’s ambition is to become synonymous with real, empathetic mental health support, to standout against the ever-increasing “mental health” noise reverberating in our modern society, which more often that not misses the mark on what it truly feels like to experience it.

Using our bespoke qual at quant scale methodology, we analyse huge volumes of conversation to identify the nuance and emotion within it, and enable Bupa to gain a deeper understanding of emerging issues and needs, and what sufferers are truly going through. This means that Bupa can show empathy, authenticity, and professional authority.

We continue to track the key trends of conversation on a weekly basis, and perform deep dives into noteworthy and sizeable topics within the mental health landscape. This insight is then packaged to shape near to real-time content creation, and to inform policy and product business decisions.