careers at human theory

We’re a team of strategists and data-scientists, passionate about real human insight that drives real change for brands and consumers.


We look beyond the obvious by combining cutting edge technology and data science techniques with human intelligence and translation. These techniques, along with our cultural expertise, allow us to really get under the skin of people, and understand, at scale, the underlying drivers and barriers behind their mindsets and actions.  


It’s this robust and nuanced knowledge, coupled with our behavioural economic frameworks, that enable us to create strategies that motivate behaviour change, and predict the future effects of that change.

We believe the best work comes from true diversity of thought. To enable this, we seek to bring a diverse group of people and minds together, and are always open to supporting flexible working solutions, especially to enable our team to commit to their passions, be they family, artistic or side-hustles.

Please see below the current positions we are recruiting for, and drop us a line if any of them sound like you: