We identified, mined and analysed 80,000 conversations around vegan and vegetarian pies, slices, snacks and quiches, utilising our Qual at Quant scale methodology to identify category and product insights specific to different audience segments, to help define how to position the brand and products to each group, within each sector.


Understanding how consumers navigated their purchase decisions, and why they did, or did not, choose specific brands and products would enable Higgidy to identify a clear route to growth via a clearly communicated identity, built on the products consumers most crave.



Higgidy wanted to understand how and why different groups of consumers purchased their products, to understand both how to communicate to those audiences, but also to identify potential new product opportunities


Higgidy are prioritising specific flavour profiles and sectors, most aligned with what consumers want from them as a brand, as well as where this offers the greatest opportunity within a sector. NPD has also been re-prioritised based on those that offer the greatest growth opportunity, to ensure their first foray into paid media is done as efficiently as possible.