Launching a brand-new media in a world filled with fake news, media distrust and tribalism was a tricky challenge. Set up by the founder of The Week, The Knowledge wanted to better understand its audience and the current media landscape to inform their pricing strategy, audience targeting and UX strategy. Their audience hypothesis was a 35–50-year-old demographic of time-poor individuals who wanted to read news that floated above tribalism.


We used a combination of different research methods; first looking at qualitative survey data to build an audience of UK consumers based on their behaviours around paying for media, which uncovered a key finding – those aged 16-24 accounted for the greatest percentage of all age groups paying for news or magazine at present.

We also analysed 27,470 conversations around the topic of paying for media subscriptions and competitor publications. Combining subscriber data with conversational and demographic analysis, we then used our Actionable Mindset Segmentation methodology to profile consumer segments and provide recommendations on how to engage them.


The output enabled The Knowledge to prioritise their growth opportunities by segment, make informed decisions for their pricing and UX strategy and rethink their brand positioning to become a trusted brand in the media space.