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The Solution

Using our psychographic segmentation methodology, combined with qual at quant scale analysis, we uncovered insights into the premium prosecco, champagne, and sparkling wine industry in the UK, including; how it’s perceived, where it’s consumed, and the drivers and barriers to positive experiences within the market.

We also unearthed the emotional and behavioural insights into the consumers of premium prosecco, in order to create an enhanced audience segmentation, layered with geo-demographic, attitudinal and lifestyle findings too. 

The Challenge

Launching a new brand in such a commoditised marketplace was always going to be a challenge. So, a distinct business strategy, aligned to cultural, industry and bespoke audience deep dive insights, is a must to drive that competitive edge. 

The Impact

The output enabled Della Vite to prioritise their growth opportunities by segment, and influenced brand, partnership and digital activation to ensure a segment specific and hyper-effective growth marketing strategy was implemented at launch.

We have since replicated this ahead of their summer launch in the US also.