Our approach

The best businesses put people at their centre. But people are complex, and so is the world they live in.   We believe language holds the key to understanding this complexity.

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Our insight as a service model means that we can provide bolt-on, flexible and cost-efficient insight support for brands and agencies looking to make bold decisions with confidence.

We make this research meaningful through cultural tracking and analysis, customer data inputs, and findings from in-depth interviews and focus groups, allowing us to create nuanced consumer universes and turn robust data into actionable insights for brands.

We use our expertise in linguistics to analyse curated conversations on a mass scale. From this, we build up a detailed picture of consumers’ thoughts, feelings, behaviours and lifestyles.  

People and culture move fast and the nuance around changes in behaviour, thoughts, and needs is often hard to decode. That’s why we take a multi-layered approach to insight generation.