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Because he's worth it: Understanding what men want from the beauty industry

Traditionally a female-leading industry, but deepening its definition, beauty is moving with the rides of culture and is no longer solely about the way we look, but the way we feel too.

But, while the meaning of beauty is venturing into the new and the modern, and including more people than ever as a result, marketers and brands still know very little about its new participants – especially men, who are increasingly exposing themselves to an ever-expanding male beauty market of moisturisers, eye creams, and grooming experiences.

Using our bespoke AI techniques to analyse nuances language at scale, we set out to answer how beauty brands can know more about this new male consumer and be able to talk to them better as a result.

The ability to understand and have better conversations with men, is a crucial task according to Treatwell’s CMO, who recently said how it will take “about one year to figure out how to speak to men” - something which can’t come soon enough considering her belief that “the return on investment from acquisition cost (of men) will be better than women.”

How to use this insight in your work

Men give a new functional edge to beauty, despite the emotional gain they might feel from its affect on their appearance. They’re not reaching for the abstract world of ‘beauty’ and being ‘beautiful’, but are very firmly rooted in a world of practical results. Because of this, they’re relaxed, less sceptical, and more open than we might ever have considered them to be.

But, even as newcomers to the beauty space, they have high expectations of service – which doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely warm and welcoming, but should be quality-driven, convenient, and comfortable.

Casey Wright

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