Building generational bridges just got fashionable

Gen Z might be TikTok’s bread and butter, but in 2022, 14.5% of Tiktok users are over 50, with a significant number of them being active content creators too.

It’s a stat indicative of a wider trend that celebrates, and gives voice to, an older and vivacious generation ready and willing to connect with younger people.

The narrative of older people being static and stuck in their ways is dated. Through social media, film, and brands, younger generations are being offered a different portrayal of their older counterparts - one that is coloured with humour, glamour, and authenticity. It seems that culture is bringing older people to the forefront of popular consumption, and older faces, bodies, and voices are being given the positive and nuanced portrayal they deserve.

From Netflix hit Grace and Frankie, to social media stars @gramparents on Instagram and @grandadjoe1933 on TikTok, bridges continue to build between younger and older generations. But, are these dialogue bridges purely vehicles of entertainment, or do they have the potential to soften the political and social dividing lines between generations?

Here are some other cultural events tackling the topic of ageism right now:


Emma Thompson's recent film explores the rare subject of female sexuality in the later stages of life


Maltesers new ad campaign celebrates older people who have rejected the status quo by proudly leading active sex lives


Lacoste’s new campaign demonstrates how its clothes will make you look cool, whatever age you are

By Casey Wright