Gen Z spotlight: heritage pride and global diversity

Over the past half a century, the world has become increasingly diverse as the pace of globalisation accelerates. To succeed, brands need to reflect this with authenticity and style.

From food to fashion, Gen Z are consistent in their desire for (if not, expectation of) diversity and inclusivity.

These digital natives are building digital bridges - between cultures and people - allowing heritages to be shared and brought to life in new modern ways. Here's how this globalised pride and celebration has been playing out in food, fashion, music and social media recently.


Australian Fashion Week showcases Indigenous designers and Primer Rebelde De America founder is featured on i-D for his Indigenous label.


Up and coming artist Pritt is growing her fanbase on Tiktok - Pritt's music is heavily influenced by her Tamil Heritage.


UK's largest former McDonald’s franchise ditches the burger chain for partnership with German Doner Kebab to “explore the changes we are seeing amongst Gen Z consumers”

By Casey Wright