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Kanye Believe It! Should we be taking this bid for the Presidency seriously?

We examine the linguistics as Twitter erupts following news of Kanye West announcing bid for US Presidency, and whether we need to worry.

Given 2020's track record it should be no surprise that Kanye West has suggested he'll run for office, but fortunately the reaction on Twitter has shown we're not alone in thinking this perhaps wouldn't be the greatest idea (despite Elon Musk pledging his "full support").

From running under the banner of 'The Birthday Party' because "When we win, it's everybody's birthday", to wanting to model his White House operation on Wakanda from the MCU, there was plenty of meat for the Twitter cynics to sink their teeth into.

As the carnage unfolded we quickly decided to run our unique language-processing program and gather data on how the announcement was being processed on Twitter. The visual below shows the mood and sentiment in the 48 hours following President West... sorry, Kanye West's announcement...

Using our unique Human Theory Natural Language techniques including topic modelling, the following topics were identified from Twitter data mentioning Kanye West (5th – 6th July 2020).

1. Jokes and Sarcasm.

For many the raison d'être of Twitter. Declines before peaking briefly on Mon AM (as the UK and Europe wakes up?) Tweets such as:

“We must now realize the promise of our eyes by trusting Specsavers, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of my living room! #2020VISION

2. Resignation and Disbelief.

Many express the sentiment that 2020 could hardly get any worse/more surreal. Remember when Trump was a joke?

“Kanye west is running for president. I quit.”

“Remember when we thought @realDonaldTrump running for President was a joke too. @kanyewest FOR President#2020Vision

3. Anger at implications.

As the hours pass the anger spreads through the conversation. If votes go to Kanye, will that hurt Biden? Is this a ploy by Trump-supporting Kanye?

“Oh look the black racist who stated that slaves were slaves by choice. You're running as a distraction to help the president pull votes from the black community. f*ck kanye”


Whilst initially finding Kanye's announcement funny, anger began to emerge as the potential ramifications of a Kanye West presidential run dawned on people. Hour by hour changes are commonplace, particularly on social media, as the public reacts to events in real time. Being able to track and analyse huge quantities of data is essential when it comes to judging the mood of your audience, making the use of artificial intelligence a must have in the toolkit for brands who want to succeed on social.

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