Image by Chris Montgomery


We took over 60,000 conversations around working from home and the new reliance on video conference technology, as well as specific providers of web conferencing.  


We then looked at the most common words, phrases, topics, and sentiments of the conversation in order to build up a landscape of insight that encapsulated the attitiudes and feelings towards web meetings amongst different audiences, and positive and negative brand experiences.


We used this to not only predict the future behaviours of employees and employers in regards to video conference technology and subscriptions, but to also recommend a brand and pricing strategy to PowWowNow that spoke to the consumer's needs and drivers. 



Like all web meeting providers, PowWowNow saw an increase in subscriptions and usage at the start of the pandemic in 2020. They wanted to continue this trend and increase new user numbers by standing out in an overcrowded marketplace, dominated by Zoom.


PowWowNow's successful execution of our recommendations saw a change to their pricing policy, which caused a significant uplift in positive brand sentiment. We lead bi-monthly insight updates across departments that encourage new directions for product strategy and brand propositions.