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We combine the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language programming (NLP), with human intelligence and translation, to produce emotional, creatively inspiring insights, actionable across brand, content, CRM, propositions and new product development.


We are able to mine & analyse thousands (or in some cases, millions) of authentic consumer interactions from any open source datasets, across the world and multiple languages – including forums, comment sections on blogs and news articles, social posts & platforms, reviews, transcripts, live chats etc.​


It’s this robust, quantified, and nuanced knowledge, that enables us to unearth genuine nuance and emotion, as well as underlying drivers, trends and barriers behind consumer mindsets and behaviour.


  • Cultural context on any desired topic / category / theme

  • Audience landscape: opinions, values, attitudes, lifestyles, drivers & motivations, barriers

  • Market, competitor & brand landscape analysis


We are proud to have developed a unique solution that combines conversational analysis with sales modelling, demographic and geographic data analysis, and behavioural insight.


Our custom-built database holds hundreds of data sources. This, powered with our unique ‘qual insight at quant scale’ capability, allows us to create multiple, granular audience segments – modelled by transactional, demographic and geographic insights, as well as behavioural, psychographic, attitudinal intelligence – a unique solution in the market place, unmet by the competition and traditional data businesses.


We apply machine learning, AI & predictive analytics to provide automated, always-on intelligence for clients – from product wastage and growth solutions to churn prevention strategies and trend tracking.

​Our predictive modelling techniques use mathematical and computational methods to predict a product or customer outcome.


Whether this is how products will sell or how consumers will behave in various contexts, we develop models and deliverables that help companies be efficient, sustainable from a environmental, marketing, financial and operational perspective, and are ultimately ahead of the game. 


  • Machine learning for sustainability

  • Cultural trend & sentiment tracking

  • Reporting & visualisation

  • Always-on social intelligence


Whether you need support identifying what the problem is, or you have a specific business challenge to solve, our team of strategists can help you with this. With expertise across the wide strategic spectrum, we can assemble resource and skillsets aligned to your needs.  


  • Data consultancy

  • Behavioural economics

  • Brand positioning & storytelling

  • Creative & messaging strategy

  • Experience strategy

  • Product and proposition development


Our philosophy is that we don’t believe our work ends when we have delivered an output. We always strive to ensure we provide a meaningful, robust and easily activated solution, and work together, collaboratively, to help you implement.