the data lab


We apply machine learning, AI & predictive analytics to provide automated, always-on intelligence for clients – from product wastage and growth solutions to churn prevention strategies.

Our predictive modelling techniques use mathematical and computational methods to predict a product or customer outcome. Whether this is how products will sell or how customers will behave in various contexts, we develop models and deliverables that help companies be efficient, sustainable from a environmental, marketing, financial and operational perspective, and are ultimately ahead of the game.


  • Machine learning for sustainability

  • Cultural trend & sentiment tracking

  • Reporting & visualisation

  • Always-on social intelligence

A couple examples on how we can use predictive innovation for better client solutions:

  • In the food retail category, we continue to reduce food wastage by modelling sales / product orders by store performance predictions by store

  • For a premier league football club, we analysed fan conversation to identify current and upcoming issues, as well as content recommendations

  • And for a telecoms provider, we created bespoke performance dashboards and algorithms to create social ‘love’ scores, and drive responsive content creation 

Psychographic Segmentation

We have experience in building multi-layered segmentations applying psychographic data, overlaid with postcode level geodem data, using our custom-built database. This methodology, combined with qual insight at quant scale (see 'The Inisght Studio'), not only allows us to create multiple, granular audience segments modelled by transactional, demographic and geographic insights, but we can also derive behavioural, psychographic, attitudinal intelligence – unmet by the competition and traditional data businesses.


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