Uswitch wanted to understand exactly who made up their customer base, how often they were switching, across which products, and most importantly why, in order to create effective acquisition and retention communications based on consumer needs. By understanding what drives and deters people from switching, and how they, as a brand, can help customers save money for the things that matter most to them, Uswitch aimed to be an empathetic financial support at a key time of financial pressure.


With access to Uswitch's customer data, we matched an aggregated view of Uswitch customers into our bespoke database to build a demographic breakdown of the different groups. We simultaneously began analysing the hundreds and thousands of accessible conversations around switching behaviour and switching providers, saving money, and household bill management.


This gave a distinct insight into the emotional and human side of switching and the external lifestyle forces that encourage or deter consumers from doing so. Using indicators in the language analysis, we overlaid motivations and barriers across our demographic groups, building out a multi-layered segmentation that enabled Uswitch to brief creative across digital, social and CRM, and target, or suppress, audiences across digital media campaigns. 


Along with informing effective and well-targeted CRM strategy, our insights and audience segmentation also inspired Uswitch's 2019 ad campaign.