We analysed over 500,000 conversations, split by various target markets, to understand key territories with the largest potential support for West Ham, and the themes, content and players, most likely to be talked about, in both a positive and negative way.

The resulting outputs were used in two ways. Firstly, we created a series of target fan groups, across various territories - as diverse as India, Malaysia and the USA - all  ranked in order of potential opportunity, to target with a bespoke engagement strategy across social channels.

These strategies were then mapped across the CRM database, to ensure that the players most likely 
to be popular were shown across sales-driving comms, to increase merchandise sales. 



With the global popularity of the Premier League continuing at pace, West Ham were keen to maximise fan engagement with the club, as well as drive merchandise sales across new markets. 


The resulting activity increased the West Ham following beyond two million followers on Facebook, and one million on Twitter, cementing them in the top six in the UK, and increased sales in the new markets by up to 29%.

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