The Solution

We analysed reviews of well-known loyalty scehemes across different brands to build up a picture of the landscape of ‘loyalty’.


We combined this insight with knowledge of the mechanic for each of these schemes, which allowed us to pick out the drivers of good and bad experience for loyalty schemes generally.  


We then investigated this in the context of Yeo Valley – its brand values and its competitors. We were able to uncover what the words and phrases used in loyalty schemes mean to consumers, as well how consumers respond to and behave towards various loyalty scheme mechanics. Using this knowledge we were able to reccomend effective improvements to the Yeokens scheme.


The Challenge

Yeo Valley wanted to understand what works and doesn’t work for loyalty schemes in general, but particularly for their own loyalty scheme.

The Impact

Our recommendations for sign-up, language, and scheme mechanics were adopted by Yeo Valley who have seen a continued engagement of the Yeokens scheme.