We analysed the language consumers used when it came to organic products, and in particular yoghurt, to understand the drivers of purchase and consumption, across a variety of age groups, and the impact of talking about different ingredients when it comes to health and well-being.


We combined this insight with an in-depth analysis of the market landscape and competition, to identify where Yeo Valley sat, and where the biggest opportunities lay in the future for growth.   


We then further investigated how to activate it's brand values within a loyalty scheme that would continue to drive engagement and return purchase amongst it's customers. 



Yeo Valley were keen to understand the organic food landscape, and the impact of how they communicated with their customers from both an acquisition and loyalty point of view, particularly when it came to differentiating against the competition.


Our recommendations were adopted by Yeo Valley across acquisition and loyalty communications, including sign-up, language, and scheme mechanics, to continue ensuring the right emphasis on the Yeo Valley brand values that most resonated with consumers.